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The Gentleman’s Guide to Getting Lucky
by Mackenzi Lee

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Dumb boys being dumb but adorable. Love it

like a bee to honey
by Jennifer Beckstrand Amish Books

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last book in the series great realistic book i love to read the amish books its like living through their lives

Kieta Hatsukoi 1
by Wataru Hinekure, Aruko

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If you're looking for the cute flutters of young shojo romance but queer, this is the book for you! Aoki, the main character, has a crush on his classmate, Hashimoto, who she, in turn, has a crush on their other classmate Ida. Through circumstances, Ida thinks Aoki has a crush on him. Cute shenanigans begin and a love triangle (square?) forms. It has all of the clichés in shojo manga that are sometimes just what you want to read. This is a silly but fun read that is just like popcorn; you just want more! Can't wait for more volumes.

Saving The Team
by Alex Morgan

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So far a great book! Lots of fun characters and twists! Can't wait to keep reading.

Artcurious Jennifer Dasal
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Fun romp through art history.

The Winemakers Wife
by Kristen Hammel

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Always heart wrenching to read of Nazis horror during WWII. Had a twist toward the end, totally unexpected. Very well written

by Xu, Wendy

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This is a beautiful illustrated middle-grade graphic novel. Sophie is a young witch who wants to enter the best magical school. Unfortunately, she is still not great at magic. At her relatives' house, she tries to train her magic and meets a water dragon named Lir. They have to work together to solve both Lir's past and Sophie's magical future. This is a great, cute magical graphic novel. I thought the illustrations were lively, well colored without being too stylized. It reminded me of Miyazaki films (especially Kiki's Delivery Service) in the best way. I also thought it tackled self-doubt and anxiety in a way that was not too heavy-handed. I also loved that adults apologized to children when they were in the wrong. Overall a sweet story that I am sure to get for our library.

Henry And Mudge And The Forever Sea
by Cynthia Rylant

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This was a good book because Henry did all of these fun things at the beach with his dog Mudge. I really like the beach so I really like this book because it reminded me of things I do at the beach. It had sandcastles in it and I love building sandcastles.

Just Pretend Tori Sharp
by Tori Sharp

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This book was a really great read. It had lots of ups and downs for Tori the main character as she wet through divorced parents. the main charterers dream was to become an author, when her mom surprised her by getting it published. I highly recommend this book.

Making Money
by Terry Pratchett

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Terry Pratchett is wonderful as always, though this one is not my absolute favorite but still a great read

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