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Chef's Kiss
by Hank Jones

This was a very cute sweet read with great drawings. Ben Cook is struggling after college with the existential question of following his parent's wishes of being a writer or pursuing other avenues after countless job rejections. This ends up with him trying to prove his worth in a restaurant with a very cute coworker. I enjoyed this book and loved the drawings. It was a sweet, cute read but nothing more. I feel like it could have been longer with more in-depth characters and relationships. I barely knew who Ben was as a character or who were his friends or co-workers. There was some friend conflict that felt a little forced with a conclusion to that argument that felt way too textbook apology to be real. I wanted to know more about the past with his friends, who Liam was (it is bad I couldn't even remember his name and had to look it up), and the chiefs. I definitely enjoyed this book but it was very surface-level. It disappoints me because I loved how beautiful the illustrations were and the humor. Tldr: a cute graphic novel with great illustrations, lacks depths it could have had.

Kieta Hatsukoi 1
by Wataru Hinekure, Aruko

If you're looking for the cute flutters of young shojo romance but queer, this is the book for you! Aoki, the main character, has a crush on his classmate, Hashimoto, who she, in turn, has a crush on their other classmate Ida. Through circumstances, Ida thinks Aoki has a crush on him. Cute shenanigans begin and a love triangle (square?) forms. It has all of the clichés in shojo manga that are sometimes just what you want to read. This is a silly but fun read that is just like popcorn; you just want more! Can't wait for more volumes.

Making Money
by Terry Pratchett

Terry Pratchett is wonderful as always, though this one is not my absolute favorite but still a great read

The Gentleman’s Guide to Getting Lucky
by Mackenzi Lee

Dumb boys being dumb but adorable. Love it

by Xu, Wendy

This is a beautiful illustrated middle-grade graphic novel. Sophie is a young witch who wants to enter the best magical school. Unfortunately, she is still not great at magic. At her relatives' house, she tries to train her magic and meets a water dragon named Lir. They have to work together to solve both Lir's past and Sophie's magical future. This is a great, cute magical graphic novel. I thought the illustrations were lively, well colored without being too stylized. It reminded me of Miyazaki films (especially Kiki's Delivery Service) in the best way. I also thought it tackled self-doubt and anxiety in a way that was not too heavy-handed. I also loved that adults apologized to children when they were in the wrong. Overall a sweet story that I am sure to get for our library.

Saving The Team
by Alex Morgan

So far a great book! Lots of fun characters and twists! Can't wait to keep reading.

like a bee to honey
by Jennifer Beckstrand Amish Books

last book in the series great realistic book i love to read the amish books its like living through their lives

The Winemakers Wife
by Kristen Hammel

Always heart wrenching to read of Nazis horror during WWII. Had a twist toward the end, totally unexpected. Very well written

Henry And Mudge And The Forever Sea
by Cynthia Rylant

This was a good book because Henry did all of these fun things at the beach with his dog Mudge. I really like the beach so I really like this book because it reminded me of things I do at the beach. It had sandcastles in it and I love building sandcastles.

Artcurious Jennifer Dasal

Fun romp through art history.
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